How Gratitude Can Help You Manifest

When was the last time you were truly grateful for something? Not just oh crap, I’m grateful I slid into my desk juuust before the clock hit 9:00 and my boss could give me the side eye for being late again kind of grateful. But truly grateful?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to notice and appreciate the small things. That’s an important part of a gratitude practice! But to really see the benefits, to help make your dreams a reality, it’s important to notice big and small things. To allow the physical sensations of gratitude to be present in your body.

If you’ve got big dreams, here’s how incorporating a gratitude practice can help make those dreams a reality.

What you appreciate appreciates

This is a simple way of saying that whatever you’re focused on will expand. So if you’re focusing only on how much you hate your corporate job and how desperate you are to make a living as a photographer, those feelings of hate and desperation will grow.

But if you focus on the amazing photos you took of your sister’s engagement shoot last weekend, and lean into the feeling of how incredible it was to witness a burst of creativity and enjoyment, that feeling of awe and appreciation will grow. You may find yourself experiencing more bursts of inspiration, allowing you to find more opportunities to build your portfolio and begin making money off your gifts.

Or maybe you’re grumbling about being the only single one in your group of friends. Try focusing on how much you appreciate your girlfriends, and convey that appreciation by showing up as an honest, loyal friend. Focus on the relationships you do have, and you may find opportunities to create new relationships.

When you come from this place of appreciation, it’s much easier to attract things into your life.

Notice the physical sensations of gratitude

What does gratitude feel like?

For me, gratitude centers in my chest. It’s a warm, pleasant sensation that can radiate outwards if I allow it to. I say “allow it” because often I’ll experience a quick burst of gratitude, and it disappears after only a moment. If I stay in the feeling, relish in the pleasant warmth, then it expands outwards and becomes a full-body sensation.

Notice where gratitude lives. It might be in your chest, or maybe it centers in your stomach. And see if you can expand those feelings outward until every cell in your body is humming with the glow of your gratitude.

Become grateful for future gifts

Manifestation meditations can help you get into a state of gratitude for things that haven’t yet arrived.

Sound a little out there? Let me explain.

We live in an energetic world — we’re beings of energy walking around a planet of energy, and our thoughts and actions create more of this energy. When we send the energy of gratitude out into the world, the universe picks up on it. We can accompany that gratitude with trust. Trust that the universe is putting things into motion and aligning to make our desires come to life.

If this seems difficult, don’t worry! It’s a practice, just like meditation or exercise. Practice by visualizing your dreams coming true. Feel an immense sense of gratitude for the universe providing what you need. Getting into this space of positive feeling and trust will help make those dreams a reality. And the more often you practice it, the quicker you’ll be able to access these good feelings.

Remember, the practice of gratitude is more than simply being thankful for things. It’s a powerful way to make your dreams a reality!

Nashville-based writer & editor.